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Truck Explorer DoberMAN – is a kit of VEI device, DC2U tool, and adapters with special functions for MAN trucks. EDC7C32, FFR, PTM memory read/write. Key programming to FFR and PTM. Pairing EDC7-FFR, EDC7-PTM, MS6-FFR. Diagnostics. 100 tokens included for ECU parameters modification.

Kit is updated from 2021-02-01
Kit is updated from 2021-04-15

Update/support subscription for 12 months is included.
Warranty for hardware is 12 months.
Included Tokens: 100


Licenses in a kit:


Nr. License code License name
1 D2051S1002 License MAN KEYS
Key programming for MAN trucks FFR or PTM over OBD or DC2.
Paring by OBD: EDC7U32+FFR, EDC7U32+PTM, MS6.x+FFR
Paring by DC2 with cable: EDC7U32+FFR, EDC7U32+PTM
2 D2051S1004 License MAN FFR
Read & Write FLASH & EEPROM (C167 and ST10Fxx microprocessors) of drive control module FFR (MAN). Operations available over OBD connection or by direct connection with DC2U and DC2-FFR cable
3 D2051S1006 License MAN FFR BSL
Read & Write FLASH & EEPROM (C167 and ST10Fxx microprocessors) of drive control modules FFR (MAN) in BSL mode with DC2 tool. Operations only by DC2 tool, DC2-FFR cable and DC2-ISP2 cable. Need to open FFR module.
4 D1951S1007 License PTM DC
MAN PTM (MPC5554) Read/Write FLASH & EEPROM by DC2U tool and DC2-PTM cable. No need to open ECU
5 D2051S1010 License PTM OBD
MAN PTM (MPC5554) Read/Write FLASH & EEPROM by OBD
6 D2151S1013 License PTM JTAG   New!
MAN PTM (MPC5554) Read/Write FLASH & EEPROM in JTAG mode by DC2U tool, DC2-PTM cable, DC2U-ISP-JTAG+BDM dongle and DC2U-JTAG8 open flex cable. Need to open ECU.
7 D2151S1011 License MAN EDC7 GPT   New!
MAN EDC7C32 – Flash/Eeprom Read / Write by DC2U-EDC7C32 GPT cable. Supported EDC7C32. No need to open ECU
8 D2151S1014 License EDC7 BDM   New!
EDC7C32, EDC7UC31 recover in BDM mode. Need open ECU
9 D2051S1012 License MAN EDC7 OBD
MAN EDC7C32 – Flash Read / Write by OBD. Supported EDC7C3, EDC7C32.  EEPROM read not available.
10 D2051S1008 License MAN DIAG
MAN Fault codes DTC Read/Erase; All code descriptions. OBD/DC2
11 D2051S8001 License DC2
Operations by Direct Connection 2 tool (DC2, DC2M, DC2U).
12 D2051S8002 License Android
Truck Explorer Android license
13 D205121020 Tokens for operations
Additional operations for tokens (price per operation)


Hardware in a kit:


Nr. Code Product name
1 D200707003
Truck Explorer DoberMAN v2
VEI V6 WiFi main tool
2 D151201001
Truck Explorer DoberMAN v2
USB A-B cable
3 D141120012
Truck Explorer DoberMAN v2
OBD2F-4-MN12 adapter
4 D185101084
Truck Explorer DoberMAN v2
DirectConnect 2U tool
5 D185101004
Truck Explorer DoberMAN v2
DC2-ISP2 cable
6 D165120003
Truck Explorer DoberMAN v2
DC2-OBD2Power cable
7 D205100020
Truck Explorer DoberMAN v2
8 D205100024
Truck Explorer DoberMAN v2
DC2U-JTAG8 open flex (for dongle)
9 D205100023
Truck Explorer DoberMAN v2
DC2U-BDM7 open flex cable (for dongle)   New!
10 D205100025
Truck Explorer DoberMAN v2
DC2U-BDM10 to MHD10 cable (for dongle)   New!
11 D215132005
Truck Explorer DoberMAN v2
DC2U-EDC7C32 GPT cable 2m   New!
12 D195131002
Truck Explorer DoberMAN v2
DC2-FFR cable
13 D195132005
Truck Explorer DoberMAN v2
DC2-PTM cable
14 D195188002
Truck Explorer DoberMAN v2
VEI Self test adapter


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