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Disabling AdBlue on MAN EURO 6

Disabling AdBlue at MAN EURO 6 is the right decision that will save your nerves and time in the future, as well as allow you to experience decent financial savings from the lack of constant purchase of AdBlue fluid and trips to service stations to repair and service the SCR system.

MAN Euro 6 AdBlue Remover Advantages;

-Prevent all of Adblue system faults

-You don’t need Adblue

-You don’t get and Adblue or NOx fault

-Prevent torque (Horse Power) loss

How to disable AdBlue urea on MAN trucks, ways to turn off AdBlue urea on MAN:

  • Software method by changing the firmware of the control unit. Italian equipment Kess and Ktag is used for the work. We do not practice this method on MANs.
  • Installing an AdBlue emulator is the safest. An emulator, also known as a “Adblue emulator”, is a device that will communicate with truck systems instead of a regular EAS urea control unit. The device has an algorithm for only a working SCR system, so no matter what you do with the system, you will always have AdBlue liquid in the tank for the truck and all system components will be in good condition.

Importance of MAN Euro6 Adblue Online programming

Trucks generally give Adblue or Nox system faults and Hose Power down (Speed limit 40km\h for lower rpm). Your truck may loss torque so some Adblue faults or fault lamps.

These problems cause you to lose money and time. After truck programming ECU , you don’t get another Adblue faults

and you don’t need add Adblue fuel.

We are always ready to meet halfway and are open to dialogue regarding any conditions of cooperation.

All our solutions are integrated, so with urea you no longer need to operate a catalyst or a particulate filter, so you can easily remove them. In most cases, the engine breathes much easier, flow drops, and the turbine no longer encounters backpressure in the exhaust system.

We can help with turning off the urea on MAN buses, on Neoplan and other vehicles with a MAN engine. Details.
For any questions, you can contact us at any time in a convenient way for you from the “Contacts” section.

Adblue Online programming disable these systems

– AdBlue system (All)

– AdBlue NOX sensor

– DPF system

– DPF temperature sensors

– DPF regeneration


Supported  Models :




Tool required :

Original Trasdata (Master\Slaver)

Vei Dober MAN




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